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Email Marketing - bubblebox:mediaWe deploy technology that is appropriate for the resource you have available. Solutions that meet your strategic goals learn more »

Real-Time Marketing - Triggered Messaging

Cart recovery is done by sending a real-time email so customers can click, return and buy before they abandon their shopping cart. learn more »

Email Marketing Consulting Services - bubblebox:media

Our marketing agency can help you meet your business objectives and provide strategic marketing solutions. learn more »


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We are bubblebox:media

We provide intelligent triggered messaging technology. We deliver apps that are inexpensive to implement and deploy whilst delivering a high return of investment. Automated triggered messaging that is integrated with eCommerce platforms and leading Email Service Providers offers inexpensive automated personalised and highly targeted email marketing campaigns – and where appropriate – in real-time.

Join companies like Vision2000, Uniglobe Travel, and Spa Boutique who have all chosen to implement Email Marketing technology delivered by the bubblebox:media team. We deliver easy to use technology that allows you to grow! Through our Continuous Improvement Program we ensure your strategic goals are met.

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